Signo G10

The design of the Signo G10 encompasses all the key components of a dental chair that’s built to get the job done. The Doctor’s control is a practical and considered design, with its large instrument tray surface and practical instrument controls. Morita Signo owners appreciate this subtle design that provides so many benefits:

  • High volume water purging for waterline hygiene and suction rinsing
  • Lever syringes for drop perfect control of air and water. Plus, a water lockout feature where absolute dry airflow is needed
  • Tokyo built: immersed in the heart of quality Japanese engineering and fabrication

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The new feeling of freedom in dentistry

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Mortia Signo G10 Brochure
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Highlights at a glance

LED Operating Light

The Morita LED operating light provides both a uniform field and colour correct illumination. The LED light emits minimal heat and consumes an extremely small amount of power, it is the ideal light for the general restorative dental operatory.


Smooth and powerful hydraulic actuation enhances patient comfort. The soft and extendable headrest can be quickly and easily adjusted for the size of the patient in order to stabilise the head gently and safely during treatment.

Assistant’s Element

The practical design extends to the assistant’s element where a small instrument surface provides essential utility during the treatment when needed.

Foot Control

Unique instrument foot control with a familiar “accelerator pedal” feel.

Mortia Signo G10 Brochure
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