Zumax OMS 3200

In recent years, clinicians have become more enthusiastic towards gaining further scientific knowledge and adapting new technologies into their daily practice’s. One such technology being the use of a dental microscope for improving vision of the operational field, in a greater number of procedures than ever before.
The latest Zumax microscope was released early 2021. The Zumax OMS 3200 dental microscope features three magnetic breaks (six break system also available), motorised zoom and fine focus, smartphone adapter, orange and green filters and much more.


German optics, Smartphone adapter and much more

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Highlights at a glance

iPhone and Android integration available

  • DSLR camera attachments
  • Integrated 2D and 3D options with SD Card
  • LAN network option

German Optics

  • Integrated LED light source
  • Additional BriPlus illumination system
  • Fluodent fluorescence option
  • Laser filters

Floor, wall and ceiling options available

  • Wi-Fi foot controller
  • Pendulum arm function