Micro SMART | 1-2 Chairs

SMART by Name, SMART by Nature

Cattani Micro SMART systems are semi-wet suction units with built-in inverter control – they are exceptionally powerful for their compact size!

Traditional suction motors have a fixed speed that makes them notoriously inefficient, meaning when just a small number of chairs are in use, the motor’s energy consumption remains constantly high. However, the Cattani SMART suction systems are intuitive and always know what’s going on in each surgery thanks to their inverter technology. This technology allows these units to automatically adjust power output based on the number of active users, meaning consistently high performance suction while cutting energy costs.

Be SMART about your suction and reduce your power bills

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Highlights at a glance

Micro SMART Cube – More compact, lower running costs, fewer raw materials

Cattani’s engineers have been able to cut top-end audible noise by half with the Cube’s acoustic housing. Cattani also redesigned the motor to make it as compact as possible, leading to much greater efficiency – which translates into lower running costs – and the use of fewer raw materials.

Micro SMART – Built-in redundancy keeps you running

Thanks to inverter technology, installing parallel SMART suction systems and having them “talk” to each other is a simple exercise. This way, you can expand clinic capacity easily while at the same time introducing built-in redundancy, or back-up, to ensure the clinic keeps running no matter what. Cattani Smart is also available with amalgam retention.

Inverter control optimises performance and efficiency

The principle is simple: the inverter is an electronic control that can vary the speed and therefore the output of the suction motor. It adjusts the power used to suit the actual requirements of the clinic – no more, no less.