High Definition Panoramic Imaging

Morita Veraview IC5 HD offers high speed, class-leading clarity, and low dose. Depending on the diagnostic need, this unit offers a 5.5 second panoramic for a quick examination at the lowest dose, or a 10 second scan for a more detailed, high resolution image. Veraview IC5 HD is compact and lightweight. It offers fully automatic, simplified operation, CCD sensor technology, triple laser beams for easy positioning, and improved energy savings of up to 50%.

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High definition, digital imaging excellence

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Highlights at a glance

High Speed

With an industry leading exposure time of 5.5 seconds, the Veraview IC5 is not only significantly faster than conventional film-based panoramic systems, but also requires much less radiation.

Digital Direct Automatic Exposure (DDAE)

The combination of DDAE (Digital Direct Auto Exposure) and AIE (Auto Image Enhancement) produces high quality images with optimum contrast and uniform

High Definition

Pixel size is reduced 25% compared with the former model, so it produces superior images of a higher resolution. Clear, sharp images with a wide image layer. The thick, specifically designed image layer accommodates all possible variations of dental arch shapes and sizes to produce extremely clear and sharp images.

Automatic Image Enhancer (AIE)

AIE is a special software function that optimises density throughout an entire image, and highlights the brightness level of detailed areas, to create images with
an extremely high degree of clarity. DDAE and AIE perform a logarithmic conversion to produce the highest quality image possible.