Durr Surgical Suction Unit VC 65

For everyone who wants to experience top performance without noise.

Restore peace and quiet again during treatments – with the VC 65. The quiet way this unit delivers its powerful performance has a calming effect on patients and makes it easier for the team to concentrate on the actual task in hand. With a suction volume of 65 l/min and a consistently high negative pressure of up to 910 mbar, this new continuously variable surgical suction unit enables precise working with maximum performance for surgical applications.

Power as quiet as a whisper

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Highlights at a glance

Ideal for use in Implantology and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Maximum suction performance with minimal noise levels thanks to the use of a piston pump
  • Reliable and durable system thanks to the use of high-quality materials
  • Flexible, mobile device with multifunctional cart including manifold

Surgical Suction Unit Key Features

  • Ergonomic, quiet, precise and flexible
  • Foot switch included as standard
  • Replacement of the container is made easy with the simple quick-release coupling system between the container and the suction system