Signo T500

Introducing the Signo T500 – where function meets esthetics.

This new treatment unit developed in collaboration with the product designers of the renowned Studio F.A. Porsche is a real statement of design and reliability. The combination of these two requirements perfectly expresses the product philosophy of Morita:

  • Maximum functionality
  • Timeless design
  • High-end manufacturing quality
  • Maximum versatility
  • Durability, reliability and value stability
  • A sophisticated selection of colors and high-quality materials provide an elegant finish

Treatment Units

Highlights at a glance

Always positioned where you need it to be

The instrument holder with its six compartments was designed to enable both efficient and stress-free treatment for the operator – because the holder can be swiveled independently from the tray. In other words: regardless of which position you assume at any moment: your natural movement sequences will be optimally supported at all times.

Full Patient Communication Options

A display monitor can be easily attached to the instrument tray. Still images, videos and X-rays of the oral cavity by Luna Vue Shot support easy- to-understand informed consent.


This sterilisation cartridge is a porous hollow-fiber membrane which captures general bacteria, Escherichia coli, fine particles, and other contaminants in the water circuit ensuring clean air and water supply.

One footswitch – many functions

The multifunctional footswitch not only controls the treatment chair but also important handpiece functions.
Grouping of these functions to simple foot movements facilitates your working routine and enables you to concentrate on the essential – the patient’s well-being.