Scan eXam One

The ideal solution for General Dentistry.

The Dexis Scan eXam One is perfect for any dental office that demands a top-quality digital intraoral imaging solution for their everyday operation.

Advanced digital image processing provides consistent images time after time.

  • Provides quick, clear clinical images
  • Compatible with multiple image plate sizes
  • Suitable for chairside or shared use
  • Easy and affordable to maintain
  • CLINIVIEW and TWAIN Driver Software

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Fast and reliable digital imaging

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Highlights at a glance

Scan eXam One – Easy-to-learn and comfortable workflow

The re-useable imaging plates of the Dexis Scan eXam system provide an easy-to-learn and comfortable workflow. The entire process from reading the image to display on-screen takes only seconds. The system can be operated in a normal daylight environment, with no chemicals needed.

One solution for individuals and multiple users

Dexis Scan eXam One is the perfect choice for your personal chairside X-ray imaging solution. It can also be easily shared with multiple users in a network.

The Scan eXam One requires little space and looks great! Select from five colours, whichever matches your practice design.