The Planmeca Compact i3 is small, swift and clever. With great ergonomics and a smooth workflow, the i3 ticks the boxes to allow both right and left-handed dentists to work productively and comfortably in any position with precision.

This Treatment Unit, which is suitable for both two and four-handed working techniques, features a delivery arm with a flexible movement range. In addition, the i3 can be switched from right to left-hand use quickly by moving the instrument console—and without having to move the operating light. This feature makes the Compact i3 a practical solution for practices where several clinicians use the same dental unit and space is limited, such as the Orthodontic Practice.

Treatment Units

Highlights at a glance

Simplicity without sacrificing efficiency

Planmeca Compact i3 has been designed to simplify everyday dentistry. Equipped with an intuitive touch panel, the dental unit guides you with powerful instruments and precise controls.

Customised to individual preferences

Thanks to the simplicity of the Compact i3 design, external infection control procedures are also easy to perform. The unit can be customised to individual preferences and upgraded with the features of your choice, such as an integrated intraoral scanner.

Perfect balance and reach for instruments

The flexible Planmeca balanced arm delivery perfectly supports the instrument enabling a light touch that reduces fatigue and simplifies infection control.

Traditional delivery

The practical and familiar traditional delivery is left or right hand capable with a large instrument surface.

A safe investment in your future

Purchasing for the future is a hallmark of Planmeca owners. Your Compact i3 dental unit has guaranteed longevity: built to be upgraded with new features and improvements at any time. Compact i3 is a truly future-proof investment, with unique options to match your evolving preferences and needs.

Integrated features

  • Solanna Vision operating light
  • Planmeca Somia camera & Planmeca Emerald S intraoral scanner integration
  • Clinic Management software that provides a “dashboard” of unit processes
  • Apex locating instrumentation from Morita, a leader in the field of endodontics