There are many things to consider when selecting the right treatment unit: design, layout, quality, functionality, accessories and much more.

Yet there is one element that is often overlooked, even though it is crucial for successful treatment and for dentists’ health, and therefore for their career as a whole: ergonomics.

In 1965, KaVo developed the 1025 patient chair which allowed dentists to ergonomically treat patients in the supine position: allowing for healthy and fatigue-free posture. On average, dentists carry out around 80,000 treatments over the course of their career and these are usually in a confined workspace with limited accessibility. It is hardly surprising that many dentists see the tensions they suffer in their back and neck, or the headaches they get, as a type of occupational disease. Yet it doesn’t need to be this way: Any dentist that carries out treatments in a relaxed and natural posture should be able to live a relaxed and healthy life – for their entire career.

The KaVo Primus™ 1058 Life provides maximum freedom for dentists to ensure a natural and healthy posture for either standing or seated treatments. The dentist can remain fully relaxed during any treatment thanks to features such as versatile high/low chair positioning, easy operation and the ergonomic multifunctional foot control. Whether you perform the treatment sitting down or standing up, the dentist element of your Primus 1058 Life supports you with its sophisticated ergonomics.

  • The table version: Even more freedom of motion for an ergonomic work technique in any treatment position
  • The swing-arm version: Better extension lengths as well as the hygienic hose guide which helps well-balanced handpieces rest perfectly in your hand.
  • The cart version: More mobility combined with simple operation – just wheel your cart to the required position when needed.

The KaVo uniQa is as flexible as you are individual…and ergonomically correct from head to toe. Adjust your uniQa not only to your personal requirements and habits, but also to your height. The height of the patient chair can vary between 350 mm and 830 mm, ensuring optimal ergonomic conditions, regardless of whether you perform treatments while sitting or standing.

The patient positioning of the KaVo uniQa according to Trendelenburg is both comfortable and ergonomic in every treatment position: the footrest inclines and rises automatically to match the inclination of the backrest. This combined movement prevents compression or extension of the patient’s back while the backrest is being readjusted and the elevated leg position supports circulation.

Small differences in the design often make a big difference with daily treatments. The best example of this is the extremely slender Progress backrest- this is available for all treatment units and ensures a back-friendly working posture through optimum access to the patient, thanks to its slim shape.

The KaVo foot control pedal is a further highlight for ergonomic working with KaVo. This is also available as an optional flexible wireless foot control (uniQa only) that is operated with comfortable right/left movements. No strenuous up/down movements mean that the leg muscles remain free from tension, including during long seated sessions or standing treatments.

A healthy working posture starts with your seat.

Nothing affects our posture quite as much as the chair we sit on every day. The KaVo PHYSIO Evo work chair was specially designed to meet the requirements of a dental practice and is still the only work chair to have been awarded the coveted AGR e.V. seal of approval for its ergonomic concept.

The backrest and seat cushion of the KaVo PHYSIO Evo are ergonomically shaped. The central ridge in the seat cushion provides stable sitting and prevents any sliding even in case of short, quick rolling motions. The rounded thigh support allows for freedom of motion and thanks to the spring force-supported backrest, the back muscles – the lumbar region in particular – are permanently actively supported and thus continuously protected. An ergonomically healthy sitting posture may have a significant influence on the profitability of your practice. Because, in the long term, always working with a good posture without any health issues is priceless for you and your staff.

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