OP 3D Pro

The Most Comprehensive 3-in-1 for the Entire Maxillofacial Region

The ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP 3D Pro, by Dexis, crystallises the 50-year heritage of a legendary product family. It uses the latest in 3D and 2D technologies, for your benefit. The modern 3-in-1 platform’s flawless design and versatility set the benchmark for whole maxillofacial imaging.

OPG Units

The Most Comprehensive 3-in-1 Unit

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Highlights at a glance

Five field of views — multiple possibilities

For all five volume sizes, you can choose from three image resolutions. For the 5 x 5 cm (6 x 4 cm) volume, there is an endo resolution available. Each setting provides the perfect resolution in relation to the relevant indication. The five volume sizes ensure reliable 3D diagnosis throughout the whole maxillofacial region.

Integrated programs for optimised image quality

  • Four resolutions
  • Clearer images with MAR Technology
  • Homogeneous images with V-Shape Beam Technology
  • Because 5 is better than 1: Multilayer pan function

Upgradeable Platform

The OP 3D Pro units are designed as expandable platforms, with a cephalometric option available. Cephalometric can be left or right-sided to ensure optimal system performance and ease of use and is field upgradeable. Unit handedness also can be changed in the field.

With SMARTVIEW, you can see before what will be recorded later in 3D

With SMARTVIEW functionality FOV positioning accuracy can be verified or adjusted if needed before CBCT examination. Furthermore, the FOV
can be positioned freely to the region of interest, both in horizontal and vertical directions — with ease and confidence.

5-point patient positioning for less movement artefacts

Correct positioning is confirmed by automatically-operated positioning laser lights. A rigid 5-point positioning system reduces patient movement. The open product design allows easy viewing and positioning of the patient.