Imagine taking three different diagnostic images with one camera — sharp quality every time, in less than one second, as easy as one, two, three. You call it amazing — we call it the DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD. Intraoral images for the first visual caries diagnostic, true insight views into the dental structure via transilluminating technology and fluorescence images — all captured in a single shot and instantly displayed in Full HD resolution on your screen.

Create remarkably clear and distortion-free Full HD photographs in real time. In addition, all images, from face to macro shots, are optimised to keep their natural colour tones and to remain clear even when enlarged — enabling you to easily view the smallest details. From extraoral portrait or smile images to a row of teeth or macro shots, the KaVo autofocus feature guarantees precise, clinically relevant images, every time. With a classic autofocus the user usually must press a button. With the DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD, this is done automatically: the continuous autofocus feature delivers a sharp image every time, whatever the distance and with no need to press a button.

To do this, the camera generates additional images of the same object shortly before and after the shutter release, and automatically selects the sharpest image and displays it on the screen.

In order to recognise caries early on, mechanical examinations are insufficient. For this purpose, the use of the DIAGNOcam is an effective and, at the same time, non-invasive alternative. The principle is very simple: when DIAGNOcam shines through a tooth, carious lesions become visible as dark spots.

The tooth functions as a conductor of the light; a camera captures the light and transmits a real-time image to a monitor. And without any X-rays. Thus, the procedure may be repeated as often as necessary.

The fluorescence mode of the DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD is a particularly useful supplement to the assessment of occlusal surface caries as well as for a final caries check before placing a filling.

This fluorescent light stimulates the metabolic products of (e.g. cariogenic) bacteria on the tooth´s hard substances.

Emitting different colours, the tooth´s hard substance is displayed greenish and metabolic products of cariogenic bacteria are shown reddish. This allows the user to detect caries activity, making it possible to diagnose pathological findings. This mode enables the recording of images in the fluorescence range, in order to diagnose occlusal caries and plaque.

The KaVo DIAGNOcam Software is designed so that all procedures are intuitive and carried out in seconds flat. Integrated functions such as the 3-in-1 shot, the recording assistant and the clear structure with self-explanatory symbols make diagnostics almost as easy as recording itself.

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